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Top 9 Most Popular Consumption Methods & Their Benefits

Cannabidiol (CBD) has continued to grow in popularity due to its range of therapeutic effects. If you're thinking about giving CBD a try, deciding how to consume the substance for the first time can be quite confusing. To kick-start your CBD experience on a positive note, here are the top 10 most popular ways of consuming CBD and their benefits. 

  1. Smoking CBD hemp flower 

One of the most popular ways of consuming CBD is by smoking CBD hemp flower which contains less than 0.3 percent THC. If you're a sensitive smoker and want to experience CBD's benefits without feeling high at all, CBD hemp flower is perfect for you. Another benefit of smoking CBD hemp flower is that the risk of failing drug tests is lower. The effects also kick in fast since the cannabinoid is absorbed directly into the bloodstream from the lungs. On the downside, smoking of CBD hemp flower may harm they health of your lungs, therefore this method should not be considered by people with underlying health conditions.

  1. Vaporizing

Although similar to smoking, vaporizing involves inhaling CBD using an atomizer, which turns CBD vape liquids into vapor. Much like smoking, vaporizing is an easy and speedy way to consume CBD since the cannabinoid enters the bloodstream without digesting through the intestines and liver.

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  1. Topicals 

CBD-infused topicals refer to products that can be applied to the skin for quick relief. The skin can aid the absorption of CBD because it is porous. Still, unlike other methods, the cannabinoid doesn't get into the bloodstream, Examples are creams, salves, rubs, oils, roll-ons, balms, transdermal patches, and skincare oils. These products typically contain a variety of vitamins A, B complex, C, D, and a range of antioxidants that help fight free radicals and improve the elasticity of the skin. It is widely recommended for athletes and people with joint issues like arthritis. It takes just about 10-15 minutes for the effects to kick in.

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  1. Tinctures 

Also referred to as sublingual products, tinctures can be referred to as a type of formulation that combines different ingredients like alcohol and flavors into CBD to enhance the taste. Other dissolving solutions are vegetable glycerin, ethanol, and coconut oil. These ingredients make tinctures taste different from CBD oil, and they are designed to be applied under your tongue using a dropper. This method is also a great option for people looking for quicker results and for those who want to get an accurate daily dose of their CBD.

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  1. CBD oil  

CBD oil is similar to tinctures because they undergo the same extraction process, which is either CO2 or alcohol extraction. The difference between the two is the time of soaking as the cannabis plant soaks, after which the CBD content in the remaining liquid is evaporated. The outcome is the CBD oil that you consume. Most CBD companies use the CO2 method because it is the cleanest and purest extraction process, meaning the quality of the CBD is high. Another difference is that CBD oil can be used as vape oil, while tinctures are unsuitable. 

  1. CBD edibles 

CBD edibles are simply foods that are infused with the cannabinoid. A lot of companies have incorporated CBD into foods, and as a result, there is an array of CBD products including chocolates, gummies, candy, chewing gum, cookies, teas, drinks, mints and more. Edibles are not a fast way of feeling CBD's effects since it takes time for the foods to be digested and absorbed into the bloodstream. Also, the bioavailability is low, meaning the amount and potency of CBD reduces by a certain percentage when ingested. The good news is that the effects last longer than other methods, and it is a great option for those who want to consume CBD discreetly.

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  1. CBD pills and capsules 

Pills and capsules are also a discreet way of consuming CBD and is a safe option for those who have a severe condition that affects their lungs. They come in different types, such as solid tablets, powder capsules, and gel capsules. Like edibles, the effects take longer to kick in, but they usually last longer.

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  1. CBD isolate

If you're looking to take CBD in its purest form, this method of consumption is the route you should follow. It comes in various forms, but the most popular is a powder, which can be used in cooking, baking and smoothies. You can also add it to your joints or use it to make topicals as well as tinctures. The downside is that the extraction removes all other properties in CBD, such as terpenes, flavonoids, and so on, which may reduce CBD potency. 

  1. Dabbing 

Dabbing involves extracting CBD from concentrates such as wax, shatter, butter, and crystal. Because it is an inhalation method, consumers experience the effects fast, and they tend to be stronger too. However, it is a demanding process that requires precision and is widely considered dangerous. 


Now that you know the most popular ways of consuming CBD, as well as their bioavailability and the time it takes for their effects to kick in, choose the method(s) that work best for you.