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About Us

Who are we over at Fox Obsidian?

Hard workers, for one; 

leaders, neighbors, optimists.

We, like most people strive to do the best we can, while affecting positive change in the world around us. We understand that nothing of worth comes easy, all too well, and encourage everyone to play the leading role in their rise to personal success.


Fox Obsidian LLC was founded in 2019.

Naturally, if we opened a storefront with the name “Fox Obsidian”, you would have no idea what we do here. Hence the moniker CBPARADIGM was adopted for our storefront.



CBPARADIGM is your resource to finding balance.

We acquire and curate some of the best CBD on the market so that we can help you eliminate the guess work.

Every item on our digital storefront has been intently chosen and reviewed so that you, the end user, can rest assured that you are receiving quality.